Teeth Grinding and clenching (also called bruxism) is a stress related activity and normally happens during sleep or while concentrating on something without your knowledge. It can be a damaging habit with time as it will weaken your teeth, make it feel sensitive and even result in receding gums.

Symptoms to look for in this case are:

  • Headaches.
  • Pain in neck.
  • Clicking or popping of jaws during chewing food.
  • Ringing nose in your ears.
  • Sores in jaw or in the facial muscles whenever you wake up.
  • Struggle, pain or some kind of discomfort when you open your mouth wide.

Impacts of teeth grinding:

For the teeth: clenching and grinding causes either tooth wear resulting in shortening and thinning of the teeth or tooth cracking where hairline cracks slowly propagate through the teeth leading to cusp fracture or a split tooth.
For the muscles: clenching and grinding is like trying to run a nightly marathon with your jaw muscles. You may wake with the facial muscles feeling tense, sore or tired, the teeth may hurt due to referred muscular pain and you may suffer from regular (often daily) headaches.

For the joints: the jaw joint (TMJ) is a complex joint with a shock-absorbing disc protecting the joint surfaces. Clenching and grinding can however cause disc displacement, thinning and even perforation of the disc resulting in clicking, locking or pain within the jaw joints.

Treatment options

At Centreway Dental, our dentists will provide overall care plan, to reduce stress and sensitivity caused by clenching and grinding. Our overall care plan involves how to reduce stress, improving life style habits, providing you with a mouth guard which will assist in reducing the impact that clenching or grinding has on your teeth. Night guard, which is a piece of plastic will be customized to your mouth, which will reduce strain on the muscles, and the teeth.

Sleep disorders also need to be looked at in conjunction with the Grinding problem. Day time bruxism and night time bruxism have different diagnosis and treatment planning and our team of trained Dental professionals at Centreway Dental are happy to assist. Please call one of our friendly staff now or book online.