At Centreway Dental, our team of experienced cosmetic dentists can alter an unpleasant or ordinary smile into a magnificent smile, creating a transformation of smile and face, and change lives forever.

A beautiful healthy smile opens many doors. To smile uninhibited and with confidence touches us emotionally and impacts on our family, social and professional life.

Within the smile, there are many aesthetic elements that must be cohesively blended to achieve an optimal outcome:

  • Facial features
  • Lip architecture
  • Tooth position
  • Tooth colour
  • Tooth shape
  • Tooth proportion
  • Biting edge position
  • Arch-form
  • Your bite and gum contour

Procedures to improve appearance may include: Tooth Whitening, Direct Composite Bonding, Bonded Porcelain Veneers, V-Crowns and All-Ceramic Crowns (e.max and Zirconia)

An important aspect of embarking on smile enhancement treatment is your input into the treatment plan discussing your expectations and desires.

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