Sedation, which is sometimes known as “sleep”, “relaxation” or anxiety free dentistry permits us to structure a safe as well as comfortable dental experience for the patients who avoided going to the dentist out of fear or who might be time constrained.

Sedation Dentistry is the perfect choice for patients who have:

  • Had disturbing dental experiences.
  • Immense fear.
  • Difficult to achieve numbness.
  • Bad gag reflex.
  • Highly sensitive teeth.
  • Complex Dental requirements.
  • Time constrained to complete dental treatment.
  • Detest sounds, smells and noises related to dental care.
  • Nervousness about needles and injections.

If you have been delaying your dental treatment, due to any of the above, then Comfort Dentistry “Sedation” may be right for you. Call us today.