The focus of orthodontics is on rectification of the bite, jaw and teeth alignment, to improve your smile and straighten your teeth.

If your teeth are crowded, crooked, protrusive, not aligned properly, OR if your bite is not correct, or if your teeth are spaced out then Orthodontics may be an option for you. The dentists at Centreway Dental recommend Orthodontic treatment to augment your smile and some of the options may include, metal braces or permanent dental appliances, invisible braces, clear braces and also temporary dental appliances.

The treatment goal is to rectify the patient’s bite, close the gaps and align the teeth and jaws. Crooked or the misaligned teeth are more prone to periodontal infections and diseases which makes them a bit hard to clean which will eventually lead towards the loss of the teeth and confidence.

Types of braces

  • Traditional fixed braces:
    These are the most common types of braces that consist of brackets, arch wire and elastic bands. Current braces are lighter, and use less metal compared to the olden days, and they come in bright colors for kids and in clear styles for adults.
  • Invisalign or clear braces:
    These are patented, custom made plastic aligners which are designed to put teeth into required position. New set of aligners are given frequently to the patients to set teeth into position and they offer aesthetic advantages compared to traditional braces and can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing.
  • Lingual braces:
    Lingual braces are placed on the interior side of the teeth and are a great option for people concerned about their appearance. Similar to traditional braces, teeth are straightened using gentle pressure to help them slowly shift into the proper position.