The dental team at Centreway Dental believes that each and every child is unique and we make the kids visits as fun as possible. We are a firm believer in preventive dentistry and we do understand your anxiety when it comes to your kids and their oral health. Children tooth decay is preventable and prevention begins with good dental habits, diet and early visit to your dentist.

The dentists offer Oral hygiene education and nutritional facts, importance of fluoride and how fluorides help in fighting the cavities. We will also advice parents on sealants for children and how they help avoid tooth decay. The sealants are protective coating that is put on the teeth’s grooves to assist in preventing the cavities. The grooves that are on the top of the molars are tougher to clean and the sealants keep them away from catching bacteria which build up in the grooves and lead to decay which later requires filling.

Early examination and intervention will also assist the children in ensuring that the permanent teeth below gum has sufficient space and also erupt appropriately and if a space manager is needed and also keeps away from crowding. We encourage kids to visit dentists as early as 1 year old.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule
We also provide bulk billed dental facilities for the eligible parents.
The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule or the CDBS gives up to $1000* for basic dental treatment, for a period of two years and for the ages of 2 to 17.

  • 2 to 17 years old are qualified if they get Family Tax Benefit A, or any other relevant payments from Australian Government.
  • The treatment is bulk billed through Medicare.
  • Eligible children pay $0 – no out of pocket costs.
  • No wait list – your child will have the next available appointment