General Dentistry includes dental treatments for people of all age groups along with providing services that will help in the maintenance of oral hygiene as well as a healthy mouth. General Dental process can offer initial diagnosis, removal as well as restoration of the areas of decay, reduction in the level of sensitivity, full removal of damaged teeth, fixation of broken teeth, and cleansing and removal of stains on teeth.

Our professionals at Dazzling Smiles Dental In Lara provide emphasis on preventive care, restorative services, cosmetic needs and concentrate on oral and overall health concerns. In addition to catering to your specific Oral health concerns, we look at the color, contour, shape, past dental and medical history, byte, gums, soft tissues, toungue and various other factors to provide a complete diagnosis and provide an overall treatment plan. Our personalized customer service is focused on providing you a comprehesive care whether its a small or a big concern.We offer General Dental care that will keep your teeth healthy, providing a radiant smile you always deserve.

Our experienced dental professionals use the best technologies like Digital intra-oral and full mouth x-rays, Intra Oral photographs, 3D Visual education software, to assist in diagnosis and provide comprehensive treatment plan to our patients.

We are conveniently located on Centreway and our friendly staff is here to provide any information that you may need. Please call us or book online to see one of our friendly dentists.