A dental implant is similar to the root of the tooth which is constructed out of the titanium post and is surgically placed either onto the bone or into the jaw bone. Once this implant is stable in the jaw bone, a crown or a bridge can be inserted on top of the implant. Dental implants have also proven to be advantageous for common oral heath because they need not to be anchored to the tooth such as bridges. Dental implants are an outstanding treatment option for the missing teeth. Tooth reconstruction involves restoring or replacing tooth into your existing smile using advanced implant and restorative techniques.

The Dentists at Centreway Dental will check your oral health and will take essential 3D x-rays (cone beam computed technology) and will check the gum tissues as well as the bone health.

The dental implants can be used for the treatment of one missing tooth or even for numerous missing teeth and for replacing the missing teeth with an implant- supported bridge.