Tooth Reconstruction

Whether a single tooth is missing or there is an extensive breakdown of multiple teeth due to wear erosion or decay and/or multiple missing teeth requiring replacement, we can help.

Tooth reconstruction involves restoring or replacing tooth imperceptibly into your existing smile using advanced implant and restorative techniques.


An implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw-bone and replaces a missing tooth. Once an implant is stable in the jaw-bone, a crown can be placed.

Implant crowns can be joined together to form implant bridgework if multiple teeth are missing.

If good bone and gum volume exists around an extracted tooth, the implant may be placed at the time of extraction. If the bone or gum volume is deficient, grafting is often required to obtain the best long-term functional and aesthetic result and implant placement or implant restoration may need to be delayed. Once an implant is well stabilized in the jaw-bone, a crown can be placed. Sometimes this is on the day of extraction (in the form of a temporary crown), but more commonly 8-12 weeks later after the implant has fused with the bone.

Our aim is to duplicate nature.

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