“Maintaining good oral health is your first line of defense”

Oral hygiene is keeping your moth clean and free of cavities (Dental caries) and decays. This starts with brushing your teeth twice a day along with flossing. This preventive maintenance is the best way to reduce the plaque and tartar build up and improve your overall health. In addition to doing the above, a regular visit to the dentist is essential to maintain and detect any oral health issues early.

Several research studies have discovered that serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer, Heart diseases have been linked to having poor dental hygiene.

Our dental professionals at Centreway Dental will advise you on the Oral hygiene, flossing techniques, that will help you stay away from bad breathe, gum recession and any other dental disorders. Regular visits to Centreway Dental are essential in ensuring that any potential problems are caught, and treated before they become worse.