We understand your emergency needs whether it is for a broken tooth or for severe pain or for swelling including the emergencies in the case of cracked tooth, accidental biting of the tongue or lip, the dentists at Centreway Dental will be available to help you. Just give us a call on (03)5282 2222 and you will be seen the same day.

Please follow the instruction below in any of the below emergency situation:

  • Broken tooth – If you have a broken permanent or adult tooth, then try and keep the tooth moist as much as possible. Try and place the tooth in the socket without touching the root. Call us as soon as possible.
  • Cracked tooth – Try and wash/rinse the tooth with warm water and put cold compression to avoid any swelling and call us as soon as possible.
  • Tongue or lip bite – Clean the area with water and apply cold compress.
  • Swollen cheek due to toothache – Swelling is a symptom of some infection in the tooth. Any swelling symptoms require rinsing with warm salt water and try and remove any food stuck gently (do not use any sharp instruments). This requires evaluation by the dentist immediately to avoid further complications.
  • Wisdom tooth pain –This is likely to be caused due to an infection and/or position of the wisdom teeth and the way they have erupted. Please rinse it through warm salt water and/or put an ice pack to compress and get evaluated by dentist as soon as possible.